A TV review of: The Last Episode of iCarly


The last episode of icarly was bittersweet. icarly started in 2007 and I started watching it shortly after that. Some would say that it was time for icarly to end. Take my brother, for example. When my brother saw the commercial for the last episode of icarly he cheered. He literally whooped gleefully from his seat. My reaction was less excited. icarly has gone on so long, I could not imagine that it was ending. Before this I learned that Miranda Cosgrove was going to college. I figured icarly would end soon, but I did not give it much thought. When I watched icarly, I looked for solutions to the characters of icarly’s long-term problems. There were some, but not any that I found to be particularly significant.     In the last episode of icarly (igoodbye), Carly moves to Italy. The episode did a good job of tying up loose plot ends while managing to be humorous. Many former characters made appearances. In the last part of the show Carly and Sam did a webcast. Carly said her goodbyes (and kissed Freddie, which seemed a little out of place to me) and left. The last webcast featured many of the former icarly comedy routines, which were as funny as they were before. Carly’s dad also made an appearance, which has never happened before. In the last seconds of the show, Carly was sitting on the plane with her dad. She watched part of icarly’s first web cast ( which was amusing because all of the actors looked to be about 11,) and then watched part of the last webcast. In the end of the episode the camera showed an outside view of the apartment building that Carly and Spencer lived in. We heard Freddie’s voice say ” and we’re clear.”  icarly went out with a bang, and the co-star of that show will be co-starring in another show as Sam Puckett. Yea!!!!!

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