If Cockroaches Replaced Humans


We all know about the dinosaurs. We know that some were vicious ( like the t-rex.) We’ve all seen toddlers wearing t-rex t-shirts. We’ve also probably all seen a science show that talks about cockroaches, and the possibility that if everything on earth becomes extinct, cockroaches could continue living. Let’s go back to the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are extinct, and many humans find them fasinating. Let’s say that everything except cockroaches become extinct. You are now in the future. Cockroaches have evolved. They are the new dominant species. The bodily structure of the cockroaches is very similar to humans, but slightly more efficient and durable. Cockroaches have recorded their history. Cockroach pre-history, however, is diffrent from that of humans. Their pre-history tells of the humans. We look to the streets now. A small cockroach wears a piece of clothing. It is holding hands with another roach, which I believe to be its mother. The article of clothing has an image on it. We zoom in on the image. The image is of a human! This young cockroach is very intrested in the extinct species of humans. Vicious humans particularly intrest him. His shirt features a human that is dressed in all black. There are various weapons beside the human, including a handgun, a throwing star, a poison dart launcher, and a fork. (The cockroaches have difficulty determining what human artifacts are weapons.) A tv in a nearby apartment building features a science show about humans. The roaches are fascinated with humans and human nature. Human “artifacts” have made their way into museums. The only thing different from the dinosaurs:humans and the humans:roaches is that the humans left the Earth in quite a bad state. The roaches have a bit of a grudge about that. So, how do you think that the dinosaurs felt?


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