The Types Of People That You’ll Sit By


Whether your school days are long over or current, some of these types of people to sit near in class are sure to ring a bell with you.

1. The Person Who Talks Around You
Unfortunately, you’ve been seated between two people who talk to each other non-stop. They will have their heads stuck behind you talking.

2. The Person Who Sprays On Body Products In Class
This type of person may be rare, but I actually am seated next to someone that does this. This person gets out their body mist and sprays it on themselves during class every day. When you leave that class you will undoubtably smell like their body mist.

3. The Person Who Constantly Texts
This person texts all the time. They manage to hide their phone from the teacher time after time.

4. The Person Who Does Not Sit
This person does not sit in their seat. The sit cross-legged or twist themselves into some sort of pretzel and stay that way during the lesson. This is not bothersome, it is
just odd.

5. The Person Who Does Crafts/ Magic Tricks During Class
This person always seems to be doing something, whether they are eating a dollar bill or emptying a pen of its ink.

If you think of any more kinds of people to sit next to, leave a description of them in the comments!!





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  1. It is funny that you are talking about this, this week. I had Jury Duty on Tuesday. I arrived early and my hopes were to sit alone. The room was plenty large enough for forty something people to spread out and sit quietly, but no, I sit in the back corner, next to last seat and ten people filed in all around me. From up front, you would have thought that we all knew each other. Anyway, I don’t sit well, I fidgit. I wanted to have plenty of room to change positions at any givien moment. I probably bothered the others that wanted to sit next to me. Too Bad!! :)

  2. The person who sits behind you in class. This person’s permanent seat is right behind you. They sit there and proceed to cough without bothering to cover their mouth, spraying all kinds of germs and other disgusting stuff all over the back of your head and clothes. Yuck!!

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