When you’re Bored


This is a list of the top six things I’ve seen people do when they’re bored in school.

1. “Can we play poker in here sometime?”
What student asked teacher in history class during WWI lesson.

2. People will make up fake bands and give classmates roles in the band.

3. People will start rapping the introduction to a rap song. Others will join in to create the intro. Occasionally, they’ll just go ahead and sing the whole song.

4. They’ll rip the eraser off their pencil and throw it at someone.
That person will throw an eraser back. This happened in one of my math classes and about 97 percent of the class was eraser throwing. The teacher did not even realize it till the middle of the year. She noticed that erasers littered the floor after class. She was oblivious to all of the eraser wars.

5. They’ll create a beat.
Is also happened in math class. One person started tapping their pencil and another person started tapping their foot and etc, until a loud beat was formed.

6. They’ll ask the teacher questions.
A substitute gave our class some busy work to do. This made everyone angry. The class tried to cough at the same time. The sub glared at us. Someone told her that the flu was going around. Then, another person thought she looked like a cat lady so they asked her if she had any cats. She paused before she answered “Maybe I have cats…” Their reply was an eager: “How many, what are their names?”

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