Standardized Testing


The assassins of standardized testing the eraser drawingRecently, I had to take a standardized test for school. Basically, I got a topic and had to write an essay about it. I’d tell you what the topic was, but I read the warnings on the bottom of that test and the people who make it mean business. For example, if you take a picture of the test, you can go to prison. So anyway, while I was taking the test I was chewing gum. When my gum lost its flavor I put another piece of gum in my mouth. At this point, my wad of gum was the size of a ping-pong ball. I was concentrating on the test and I popped my gum by accident. Like I said, these test people mean business, so the gum popping thing kind of freaked my out. Thankfully, no one noticed. After I finished the test, I was not allowed to read or leave the room. Many people finished around the same time I did, and we didn’t have anything to do. For thirty minutes, I stared at the wall and drew pictures with my pencil eraser in the gloss of my desk. (I draw eraser pictures often.) Finally, we were allowed to get books out. When every person finished taking the test, it was lunch time. I usually only get twenty minutes for lunch but because the test ran into lunch time, I had about thirteen minutes to eat.

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